Boat owners and moorings

FCCA control by way of ownership or leasing all of the waters north of the viaduct that crosses Forder Creek.

About 50 moorings are available, mostly on the east bank, which all dry out after about half ebb tide.

Parking is very limited in the village so berthing applicants need to be aware of this.

Moorings are granted on a yearly basis commencing 1st April each year. Boat owners are wholly responsible for all mooring tackle, must conform to FCCA requirements and take into account other boat owners and creek users.

Owners must have at least third party insurance cover on their boats to protect other owners and property.

To meet our obligations to the lease owners we do make a charge for moorings on the following basis: a flat charge of £110.00 per mooring, plus £2.00 per foot over and above a length of ten feet..

This page last updated: 10 March 2021