junction at Castle View Farmhouse?

long shot of Forder from south c.1910
c. 1910

lond shot of Forder viaduct from north

man pushing quarry trolly along tramway in Forder

[ see also: Bruce Hunt's "Forder Tramway" ]

mill house and barn, Forder

Forder 1908
1908. L to R: Thomas the bargeman, ?, Elizabeth Stevens, Mrs B Stevens, Gwen Stevens, Rose(?) Comber

Geraldine Terrace, Forder, post mid-1960s
post mid 1960s (cottages on left knocked down)

longshot of Forder from south west
c. 1900

coloured postcard of east bank cottages, Forder, from across the creek
a postcard ....

coloured postcard of west bank cottages etc, Forder, from across the creek
... and another postcard (c 1970) - note car parking on creekside, no hut and corrugated roofing in Geraldine Terrace.

Forder Villa with old post office  -  when?
Forder Villa with old post office (and footpath!) - when?

approaching Forder vllage along road from north east pre 1900
pre 1900

view of bridge and cottages, Forder, from Old Mill
c. 1900

Tamar barge at the quay, Forder
Tamar barge at the quay; its name? date?

 view (hand tinted) of west bank cottages etc from across the creek
hand tinted?

old boat on Forder creek
c. 1920

 double-decker bus in Forder
We used to have a regular bus service in Forder - and a concrete bus shelter ...

  bus in Forder
..... until 4th May 1979, when the last bus left Forder

view Forder creek and Lyhner

Forder Quay, Forder

wooden viaduct, Forder, pre 1908
the wooden viaduct was demolished in May 1908

Antony Passage

Antony Passage (telegraph poles mark old route of railway line)

Are there any more old photographs of Forder out there?

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